The three opening images in Krebs book are clear signposts to an abstract way of viewing and interpreting the world. The viewer is invited to open their mind to the visual clues and signals that float through the images.  They are representations of Kreb’s worldview with space to linger and bring your own perspective.

The notion of a worldview underpins this work as Krebs draws on quotations and perspectives from a
scientific realm, including Humboldt, Darwin, and Faraday. This underpinning weaves through social observations that draw on the need to reflect as well as observe. In this sense the work combines street photography with a quiet perspective. The narrative here is about connections and the viewer is allowed to make their own, the work doesn’t shout its message but gives room to have a visual dialogue. The cool observation of science is set against the internal dialogue we might have with ourselves and a way of navigating in the world.

It is a timely and yet timeless book, conflict, identity, citizenship and changing of boundaries is in constant change across the globe. The impact of political decisions and sense of lack of control is everywhere. Signal & Noise gives us permission to step back from it all and rethink what we see and how we see it.